Nike+ Kinect Training

Nike+ Kinect Training
Xbox 360Fitness

Although not academic in nature, Fitness Video Games are an incredibly useful tool. As obesity reaches an all-time-high in our country, I think that regular exercise is a vital component to a happy life.

While this game is not a 100% substitute to playing team sports, or getting outside to play, I believe that a game that promotes athleticism is definitely a step in the right direction.

Fitness Highlights

  • Personalized for Individuals - This game can be custom tailored to suit your level of fitness.
  • Proof of Progress - It's cool that you can see how far you've come since you started working out.
  • Athlete Inspired - True Nike athletes collaborated on this game. You can tell when you start the routines.
  • Social Connections - Using the sharing tools and the Internet connection on the Xbox, you can connect with other people that are working out.

This game is a true training regime. This is not a "cute" game that encourages movement. That being said, make sure you have plenty of space to use Nike+ Kinect to it's fullest potential. As with any exercise routine, make sure you are physically able to perform the tasks.

All of the exercises in the training provided by Nike+ Kinect for the Xbox 360 are resistance in nature; you do not have to purchase weights.