Big Brain Academy

Big Brain Academy
Nintendo WiiCognitive Development

I've personally played Big Brain Academy for the Nintendo Wii with my students, and I can honestly say it is an outstanding game for cognitive development. The game comes with 15 activities that will strongly develop memory, visual recognition, quick thinking, analysis, and number crunching.

Big Brain Academy can be played individually, or two people can compete at the same time. Additionally, when I used this game in my classroom it was apparent that the students would always stand to play the game because of the faster pace of some of the activities; any video game that gets kids off the couch gets high ratings here at Instructional Games.

Although not specifically academic in nature, the game most certainly qualifies as educational because of the intellectual stimulation it provides. Frankly, adults will enjoy this game as much as children.

Game Features

  • Create User Profiles to Track Progress and Performance
  • Exchange Data with WiiConnect24
  • Mind Sprint
  • Mental Marathon
  • Brain Quiz
  • Mii Data Compatible