Play to Learn with Educational Games

The Goal of Instructional Games

My goal with Instructional Games is to provide a place for parents and teachers to find educational video games that children will enjoy playing.

Having been a teacher for over 15 years, I also include ideas for you to use these games in the classroom; these suggestions are also good for parents looking for fun ways to improve their children's performance in specific academic areas.

Video games are frequently criticized for being too violent or for promoting bad behavior, but there are many titles out there that are both fun and educational. Kids invariably will want to play video games; this site will help you find titles that will have a positive impact on your child, whether in a classroom setting or at home.

Helping Students With Different Learning Styles

Not every child learns best with a text book or by listening to a teacher's lecture. Although video games can never replace the learning that goes on in a classroom, educational games can be an effective tool to supplement the lessons students are being taught in school.

Both parents and teachers realize that video games and phones have taken the attention of most children; the goal of Instructional Games is to provide content that can actually benefit children, rather than just provide passive entertainment.

While most of the games listed on this site are geared towards younger children, many of them can be played by kids of all ages... even adults. An additional benefit is that most modern games have profiles that help track progress, which can help teachers justify their inclusion in their curriculum.